WINNER's Jin Woo brings laughs with his callout of the South Korea v. Sweden referee

Jun Ko, June 18, 2018, 3:35 p.m.

South Korea had their match against Sweden in the '2018 World Cup' on June 18th! However, the game proved to be hard to watch with various frustrating moments and the total of 38 fouls. People also held issue with the referee, commenting that they were biased and blew their whistle at unneeded moments. Sweden had ended up with the win after a scoring with a penalty game. The game ended with frustration, however, one tweet had brought up some laughs with its wit and humour. 

WINNER's Jin Woo had called out the referee of the match after the game by tweeting out: "It feels like I'm at a festival with how well the whistle is blowing." The tweet ended up bringing a lot of laughs with its humour as well as a lot of agreement. 

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