Woman Files Lawsuit Against Actor Park Yoo Hwan for Ending Marriage

Ben Cho, Aug. 3, 2016, 8:45 a.m.

Reports have surfaced stating that actor Park Yoo Hwan is now being sued by an unnamed woman for ending their common-law marriage. The lawsuit began in May of this year, and has just now come to light. The woman stated in her lawsuit, "Park Yoo Hwan ended [our] common-law marriage one-sidedly... I request that he pay compensation for mental and physical damages caused by his actions." 


The two parties will be called into court on August 9th. In regards to the news, Park Yoo Hwan’s agency C-JeS Entertainment announced, "The lawsuit involving Park Yoo Hwan is a civil case, for which the verdict will be determined in court. We will do our best to prevent any defamation of character on Park Yoo Hwan during the duration of his court case. We will release an official statement once the court has come to a verdict." 


An ‘acquaintance’ of the two gave some more details on the situation by saying, "The two dated as a younger man and older woman for 4 years and broke up early this year. As Park Yoo Hwan is a celebrity, they had a lot of dates at A's house and spent a lot of time there. However, to say that they had a common law marriage is difficult. Even their acquaintances think they were just dating." 


The inside source also stated, "When A was going through rough times, Park Yoo Hwan helped her out both financially and morally. It's disappointing that they have to go through such an unsavory situation right now."


The woman is described to be in her early 30s. Park Yoo Hwan reportedly had expressed multiple times that he felt he was too young for marriage.


Actor Park Yoo Hwan is known not only for his acting abilities, but also for being JYJ member Yoochun’s younger brother.

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