Women come forward as victims of sexual assault from the members of the controversial Kakaotalk chatroom

Jun Ko, April 19, 2019, 11:33 a.m.

On April 18th, SBSfunE released an interview with a woman who claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Jung Joon Young, Jonghoon, 'Burning Sun' employee Kim, former YG Entertainment employee Heo, and businessman Park back in March 2016. She had gone to lawyer Bang Jung Hyun (who originally took the chatlogs to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission) after news of the Kakaotalk chatroom broke out. She is currently taking legal action against the group after she was supposedly found in one of the voice recordings and six of the photos. Additionally, there are mentions of her sexual assault within the chatlogs. 

However, Jonghoon's side denied the claims: "It's true that they were in the same bed, but no sexual relations took place." Additionally, her identity has yet to be fully confirmed as police stated, "Though we have looked over the photos in the chatroom, it is difficult to confirm her identity because the face isn't clear. We plan to investigate after she files her complaint." 

Additionally, a log of one of the conversations in the chatroom was revealed. 

Jung Joon Young: Yesterday, she was having [relations] with Jonghoon.

Kim: Funny.

Jung Joon Young: (shares audio clip) I laughed because she made this kind of noise.

Jung Joon Young: In the end, she just wanted to sleep with a celebrity.

Jung Joon Young: Oh, do you have a video? We got caught because XX used the flash on his camera. Delete it quickly. Before Jonghoon saves it. 

Kim: You had to xxxx before she gained consciousness. I acknowledge that Jonghoon held in his laughter because he had to xxxx." 

Another woman had come forward to claim that she was sexually assaulted by the members; she went on to share that she was well-acquainted with the chatroom members and only went due to her friends being invited. She continued to share how, "We didn't travel with the men, and it was only where the women were staying that needed a password to enter." She claimed that she ended up losing consciousness after having drinks with the chatroom members; it was implied that drugs may have been used as she shared that she was strong against alcohol. She continued with how she found herself in bed with another room with her clothes off and how, "When I woke up, my friends got mad at me. They yelled at me to wake up. They said I wouldn't wake up even when they yelled and pinched me for 30 minutes." 

She shared she only realized what had happened after seeing chatlogs on the news.

Kim: (shares video clip)

Jonghoon: Why is it so short? 

Kim: (shares another video clip)

Jonghoon: What is this? It's one that's passed out.

Kim: So what if she's passed out.

Jung Joon Young: It was rape. Haha.

Kim had admitted to illegally filming, but denied that it was rape: "I admit to illegally filming, but it was consensual sex." Seungri also stated how he didn't know these events were occurring and how he doesn't remember on the account of it being a long time since then. 

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