Wonder Girls are 70s beauties in 'Why So Lonely' group teaser images!

Anna Park, June 28, 2016, 11 a.m.

The Wonder Girls are ready to make their return with another BANG, and their teaser images sure show it! The ladies have just released additional teaser images for their upcoming track 'Why So Lonely', continuing their retro streak with a gorgeous 70s vibe.

This time, the Wonder Girls are all together in some breathtaking group teaser images, as they show off their sexy and quirky side with cute expressions and sultry gazes. Judging by one of the photos, it looks like the ladies are also coming back as a band, a continuation from their last comeback with 'I Feel You'.

'Why So Lonely' is slated for a July 5th release! Are you excited for another Wonder Girls comeback?

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