Woori shows off her charms in her photoshoot and interview in 'International bnt'

Jun Ko, Dec. 7, 2017, 10:30 a.m.

Former Rainbow member Woori poses for 'International bnt', showcasing her charms in both cool and warm colors. Her charms are not only limited to her photoshoot but in her interview as well. She talked about her transition from idol to actress, her Christmas plans, and more in her interview. With all the information that she divulged about herself in the interview, it makes it a must-read for her fans who has remained as her fans since her days as a member of Rainbow.  

Her transition to acting seems to be going well as she listed Seo Hyo Rim and Park Sae Young as her close friends in the acting field, even having gone on an overseas trip with Seo Hyo Rim this year. When asked about an idol-turned-actress rival, she responded, "She's not necessarily a rival, but I find her amazing. Former SISTAR member, Dasom. I know how hard it is to act as an antagonist because I've done so before. It's not easy to yell and glare at people, but I found myself in awe watching her act as an evil character." 

Moving onto her Christmas plans, she stated that she always goes to a party on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve falls on the birthday of her fellow former Rainbow member Jaekyung, so she always ends up meeting up with them to celebrate. 

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