[WORLD] 2 North Korean Warships Sink, Sailors perish during drill accident

Jimmy Pak, Nov. 4, 2013, 11:50 a.m.

Two North Korean Warships sank during a drill exercise in the East Sea Last month.  The vessels sank in the waters near Wonsan, killing scores (current count unknown) of sailors reported by a South Korean military source. 

It is not known why the ship sank and exactly how many were killed or injured.  South Korean military authorities reported attempts by the North to recover and salvage the sunken vessels.  According to the source, the warships that sank were a Hainan-class 375 ton submarine chaser and a 200 ton patrol boat.  "The Hainan-class submarine chaser probably sank because it's old. It was built in China in the 1960s and the North bought it in the mid-70s," the source added.

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