[WORLD] Ahn Jung-geun’s Memorial in China “Progressing Smoothly”

D-Bo, Nov. 20, 2013, 2:29 p.m.

Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, made a statement that the Korean independence fighter, Ahn Jung-geun, was a criminal.Ahn Jung-geun assassinated Japan’s first resident-general in Korea in 1909.

Reasons for Suga’s comments to reporters were in response to President Park Geun-hye’s negotiations with Beijing, in which a memorial to Ahn is going to be constructed in China, stating that this memorial would “not be beneficial” to bilateral relations.

The President proposed the monument to the Chinese President Xi Jinping, during her visit there earlier in June. Park then met with China’s top foreign policy official Yang Jiechi in Seoul, on Monday, and discussed progression on the memorial in Harbin. Yang commented that the monument is “progressing smoothly.”

Cho Tae-yong, Foreign Ministry spokesman, stated Ahn "sacrificed his life for the independence of Korea and peace in Asia" and even expressed "extreme regret" at Suga's comments.

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