An Executed Uncle and a Widow Left Alone

D-Bo, Dec. 17, 2013, 2:24 p.m.

It hasn’t been long since the execution of the North Korean leaders’ uncle, Jang Song-taek. One question that has yet to be answered is how is his wife doing, Kim Jong-un’s aunt.

Kim Kyong-hui, aunt to the North Korean leader, is a direct descendant of the honored nations’ founder Kim II-sun. These descendants earn the title of “Baekdu bloodline,” which is named after Kim’s mythical birthplace.

Kyong-hui’s name appeared on a list of officials to attend her husband’s funeral. She was 6th on the list of 54 power officials, including those of the president of the North’s Supreme people’s Assembly, the Prime Minister, military Politburo chief, chief of the Army’s General Staff, and army chief in front of her.

Many are wondering how Kyong-hui is doing, but according to Lee Soo-seok at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and National Security, she appears to be doing well.

"By placing Kim Kyong-hui's name on the list, North Korea officially confirmed that she is alive and well,"

Lee was also sure to indicate how no harm would be done to the descendant, due to her “Baekdu bloodline.”

From the University of Kyungnam, Lim Eul-chul mentioned that there was a high likelihood that the Korean leader discussed with his aunt the execution of her husband before the time was to come. She states, "Unlike Jang Song-taek, Kim Kyong-hui is no threat to Kim Jong-un and she is also ill, so she probably won’t be purged.”

There has even been rumor that the Korean leader forced Kim Kyong-hui to divorce her husband the day before his execution.

There is yet to be no confirmation of this report as indicated by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, who learned this information from a high-ranking North Korean official.


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