[WORLD] Both Koreas to find survivors for family reunions

D-Bo, Sept. 16, 2013, 4:54 p.m.

The two Koreas exchanged lists of survivors on Friday morning to establish who will meet whom in cross-border reunions in late September.

Of 250 people sought by South Koreans, North Korea was able to track down 167, according to the South Korean Red Cross. The North said the remaining 83 are "untraceable."

Of the 167, 117 are able and willing to meet their South Korean relatives, but 38 are dead and 12 unable or unwilling to do so.

Most are very old, with 36 over 90 and only seven under 69.

In turn, South Korea found 149 relatives of North Korean applicants and 51 untraceable. Some 127 are able and willing to meet relatives, while six are dead and 16 unable or unwilling to meet their relatives from North Korea.

The applicants will now be informed and then both side will draw up a final list of 100 people giving priority to older people and closer relatives.

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