[WORLD] Korea Demands Japan Remove Youtube Video Claiming Dokdo as Theirs

D-Bo, Nov. 4, 2013, 11:10 a.m.

After the Japanese government posted a video clip claiming jurisdiction over Dokdo (Takeshima / Liancourt Rocks), the South Korean government has demanded the video be removed. The video, a two-minute long English-language clip asserting Japanese sovereignty over the island, provoked a strong response from Seoul.  

The South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young said, “We sternly demand the Japanese government immediately delete the video footage.” In addition, the Japanese deputy chief of mission to Seoul has been summoned by the South Korean Foreign Ministry and was issued a strong complaint by the Ministry. 

Located off the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, the island has been known by various names and control over it has been a contentious issue between South Korea and Japan. The Japanese video posted claimed that Japan has had jurisdiction over the island “since about 1905”, while the Koreans have been in possession of the island since 1954.

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