[WORLD] Korea Tourism Chief Resigns over Sex Scandal

D-Bo, Nov. 18, 2013, 6:35 p.m.

The Chief of Korea’s Tourism Organization, Lee Charm, has resign amid allegations of his visit to a massage parlor in Japan’s red light district.  Charm Lee was the first ever naturalized Korean to head a state run organization.  The allegations stem from a supposed visit to a Japanese brothel known as “Soapland” in the redlight district of Yoshiwara.  His visit there was provided by a sponsor.  .

The revelations came from a staffer with a company subcontracted by the KTO who accompanied Lee to Japan.  But Lee in a press release denied any impropriety and expressed "regret" that the press reported only the allegations of the staffer, who was upset that his company was not selected among suppliers to the KTO.  Lee said he was "confident" of disproving the charges and "restoring his honor," but added he had to resign because the "burden" being placed on the KTO would make it impossible for him to perform his duties. 

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