[WORLD] Koreans Support Reunification of the Peninsula

D-Bo, Nov. 20, 2013, 2:38 p.m.

Support is rising from Koreans for reunification of the peninsula. A survey released by the Hyundai Research Institute on Tuesday recorded that 78% of Koreans support this move.

Among those surveyed, the younger population did not seem to favor the move as much as those in the 40s. Those in the 20s only showed a support of 66.8%, those in the 30s showed 74.9%, and those who were in their 40s and older showed support at over 84%. After surveying other experts, support was shown at 98% from these academics!

The true question behind the reunification of the peninsula is, would this be in the nation’s best interest. Although most of the nation supports this move, many believe that it would take more than a decade.

Among the population surveyed, about 20% of the general public, and 2% of experts said that reunification would be impossible. This survey was conducted with about 800 ordinary people and a little over 100 experts, both in October and November.

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