[WORLD] North Korea Propaganda Site Compares South Korean Journalists to “Nazis”

D-Bo, Oct. 29, 2013, 12:59 p.m.

North Korean propaganda site Uriminzokkiri recently published threats to 18 South Korean Journalists.  The website referred to 18 journalists, who work for the Chosun Ilbo, Donga Ilbo, Segye Ilbo, along with broadcasters KBS, MBC, and SBS as Nazi sympathizers and threatened them with summary justice.  Summary Justice refers to the trial and punishment of suspected offenders without recourse to a more formal and protracted trial under the legal system.  The site announced that the 18 announced must remember that broadcasters and reporters who supported the Nazis were the first to stand trial after World War II.  Uriminzokkiri said in an editorial that "wicked rightwing agitators posing as so-called journalists, experts and professors" were spreading "lies and false accusations." 

The website said "conservative (South Korean) media hurled false criticism at North Korea," calling it an "isolated nation" and a "failed" system, targeting even the "highest dignity" of the North.  The North Korean regime frequently takes somewhat flailing aim at the South Korean media for failing to accord it the dignity it believes it deserves.

In June of 1997, the North threatened to bomb the Chosun Ilbo over an editorial, and in June of last year it vowed to launch a massive attack against major South Korean media and published the coordinates of their offices. 

The South Korean press has also fallen victim to cyber-attacks traced to the North, and the shutdown of the Kaesong Industrial Complex in April ostensibly came in defiance of South Korean media reports that Pyongyang cannot afford to lose the cash cow. 

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