[WORLD] South Korean ‘spy’ Arrested in the North

D-Bo, Nov. 8, 2013, 10:43 a.m.

The North announced that they have arrested a South Korean spy in Pyongyang. There is no confirmation when the arrest was made, but the Korean Central News Agency stated Thursday that authorities detained the main in the capital, who was working to undermine the communist government.

Although fairly uncommon for South Korean citizens to be charged with espionage, the North stated that this unidentified man confessed to being a South Korean citizen, who arrived in the capital illegally coming from an unspoken of 3rd country.

The ‘spy’ was said to have used religious activities to disguise his efforts for "anti-DPRK espionage and plot-breeding activities.”  The South’s National Intelligence Service rejected these claims on Thursday, and called them “preposterous.’ Thousands of North Korean spies are still being arrested in the South, since their conflict during the 1950’s.


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