[WORLD] U.S., S. Korea & Japan to meet for Nuke Negotiations

Jimmy Pak, Nov. 4, 2013, 11:54 a.m.

A meeting of top nuclear negotiators from South Korea, US and Japan are scheduled to meet in Washington to discuss the nuclear situations against North Korea.   Seoul’s chief nuclear negotiator Cho Tae-Yong is currently in Washington to meet U.S. Officials before participating in the meeting to be held on Wednesday, which is the first meeting held in nearly five months.  Glen Davies and Junichi Ihara will be representing the U.S. and Japan in the negotiation. 

It is expected that discussions regarding circumstances involving North Korea will take place.  There are sanctions against North Korea for a six-party nuclear disarmament to resume.  Other discussions are planned for Chinese and North Korean propositions to be laid out by Wu Dawei, who is the point-man for China/North Korea relations.   Currently, U.S. experts and former gov’t officials communicated to North Korea for a quick and speedy resumption of the six-party talk without precondition.

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