[Writer's Choice] 4 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Youth Over Flowers - WINNER"

Priscilla Tov, Nov. 17, 2017, 11:17 a.m.

"Oh look! There's another season of 'Youth Over Flowers'! But ahh, it's full of idols and everyone knows that idols ruin variety shows." Stop right there, and let me tell you the reasons why you should give this season of "Youth Over Flowers" a chance. 

1. The Prank

If this is your first time watching the "Youth over Flowers" series, what you need to know is that it always starts with a kidnapping. The concept of the show is that it's about a group of friends traveling with no plans. However, Winner knew they were going to be kidnapped. Usually, it's not announced who the new cast will be but Winner's case was different and the crew had to figure out a way to catch them unaware. For weeks, the members would walk around with bags filled with necessities. Na PD enlisted the help of nearly the entire staff at YG in order to have a successful kidnapping. The crew tricked Winner with a CF with an actual CF director and expensive storyboards to make the group less suspicious. And just to give themselves more satisfaction, they wanted the group to be wearing prison outfits as they were escorted to their vacation destination, Australia. 

2. Quokkas

It's not a trip to Australia if it doesn't include a trip to Rottnest Island. And it's not a trip to Rottnest Island if you don't take a selfie with quokkas. 

3. Australia

I mean, this is still a travel show. While Winner doesn't have a lot of time to do research for the trip, they still manage to check out all the must-visit places. Like the Target that gave them these fab suits. 

4. Winner

Admittedly, I don't know much about Winner. I'm a fan of "New Journey to the West" which is how I came to adore Song Minho and I notice all the jokes about how Winner is almost always in YG's basement along with his other artists (iKON and Lee Hi come to mind). Also, "Really Really" is an amazing song and deserves to win Song of the Year but there's a really good chance that's not going to happen because a lot of awards shows are basically popularity contests. 

This is a show that will make you fall in love with the group. I haven't had a chance to watch their other variety show "Half-moon Friends" or even the variety show that formed the group, "WIN: Who is Next," but this show is great at showing you their charm. They're not a group that's constantly going to be saying funny lines, but you will be amused by how dumb they are sometimes. 

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