[Writer's Choice] 40 Songs that Got Me Interest in K-Pop Artists (Part 4)

BanSeok Shin, July 16, 2019, 3:15 p.m.

Welcome back to the final part of the '40 Songs that Got Me Interest in K-Pop Artists'! As I stated in the first three parts:

"K-Pop is such an amazingly diverse genre of music that is filled with hundreds of talented artists and countless production staff who create quality songs that people absolutely love! Some of these songs capture and express a multitude of feelings felt by listeners who are able relate and as a result express themselves while listening to and singing these songs. Other songs are simply pleasing and enjoyable. Like many others, as a K-Pop fan, and music fan, certain songs get invoke a strong interest in an artists behind the song. The following list highlights 40 songs by 40 K-Pop artists that, over the years, peaked my interest in those artists and fed into my love of K-Pop overall!"

We complete our list with songs #31-40. Have any of these songs invoked your interest in these artists?


As cool as a song like ‘Shootout’ was as the first MONSTA X song I heard, I wasn’t really sold on the group until I heard the vocals for the chorus of ‘Jealousy’ and the music for ‘Hero’. The sexiest of ‘Jealousy’ and the confident hero vibe of ‘Hero’ really match well with how the members of MONSTA X appear in their mvs.

32. Super Junior – SORRY SORRY

This isn’t just the song that got me into Super Junior – this is the song that got me into K-Pop! The combination of well-choreographed group dancing with a unique style of pop music was absolutely refreshing and exhilarating and it opened up a whole new aspect of music for me!

33. NCT 127 (and NCT) – Limitless

First hear this song live in concert during a music festival. The song’s strong bass and overall concept got me hooked on the beats and concepts of NCT 127’s other songs.

34. PSY - New Face/Korea

Unlike most non-Koreans during the ‘Gangnam Style’ craze, I did not think that that Psy’s most famous song was a very good representation of Korea or K-Pop music, and as a result didn’t give much attention. But then ‘New Face’ came out and it became another fun song for people to dance to so I naturally gave it some interest. This was when I discovered that Psy also sung the awesome song ‘Korea’, a South Korean 2012 Olympics fight song.

35. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb

I had never heard of Red Velvet before this song. I still remember clearly, the first time I heard this song. I was living in Korea at the time, driving home from a long trip and the driver told me to listen to this new hot song. The beat and chorus of the song made me want dance – in the car – in front of my co-workers…

36. Seventeen - Very Nice

I find this song to be upbeat and fun, but that’s not the reason I like it. It’s the dance that grabbed my attention. I love energetic and complex dancing and that’s what Seventeen is good at!

37. SHINee – Sherlock

SHINee is another group specializes in great dancing. I was already aware of the group’s dancing after trying to learn the choreography for ‘Lucifer’, but I didn’t care much for their music and singing until I heard ‘Sherlock’. This is one of those songs that has a great blend of music and vocal quality along with a great dancing.

38. Stray Kids - Awkward Silence

As much as I love ‘Miroh’ and as fun as ‘My Pace’ is ‘Awkward Silence’ is a nice change of pace (pun intended) from Stray Kids’ songs that was funny still kept the group’s concept.

39. TVXQ/DBSK - Keep Your Head Down (Why)

In my opinion, this song is a great visualization of how cool, badass, and sexy TVXQ is. Also the dance matches well with the beat making it fun to dance to.


For starters, that hint of Christmas in a song is usually a draw for me, but in addition to that the powerful chorus, bridge, and finally chorus absolutely give me the chills – especially Jihyo’s background vocals. As a guy, I never expected a girl group like TWICE to excite me the way that their songs do. There’s a brightness and energy to their songs that I found I similarly have (although I didn’t realize it before). As a result, its fitting that TWICE, my favorite group, finishes off this list.

Back when I first got interested in K-Pop I was only interested in a few groups because I wasn’t very open many of the themes and music styles that many songs had. As I got older and listen to more songs, however, I grew to appreciate more aspects of K-Pop and realized that music is such a diverse form of communication that can unite people from all kinds of backgrounds. While I probably won’t like many of the same artists or songs that another person will like, that doesn’t mean we can’t find something that won’t excite us both. That’s why I shared this list of 40 songs, so that everyone reading this could find those songs and groups that excite and interest you just as I was all those years ago.

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