[Writer's Choice] 5 Korean Dramas based on Manhwas

Priscilla Tov, Jan. 5, 2018, 3:08 p.m.

It's actually really common now for TV shows or movies to be based on books or comics and some of the biggest Korean drama hits are actually based on manhwa, which is what Koreans call "comic books." Here are some that you should check out!

1. The Sound of Your Heart: A slice-of-life comedy about a cartoonist and the antics his wife and his family get into. 

2. The Bride of the Water God: A girl falls in love with the water god her family has served for generations. 

3. Full House: A screenwriter and an actor are forced to live together when the screenwriter's friends sell her house to the actor without permission. 

4. Misaeng: An amateur baduk player navigates life by using baduk as a guide. 

5. Goong: A drama set in an alternate timeline in which Korea has retained its monarchy. 

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