[Writer's Choice] 7 Reasons Why You Should Stan BTS' Rap Monster

Amy Jung , Nov. 12, 2017, 12:24 a.m.

Are you a YouTuber who asked ARMYs for money to attend the AMAs for BTS and you have no idea who the members of the group are? Then continue reading!

Rap Monster (real name: Kim Namjoon), the musical artist formerly known as Runch Randa, is the leader of popular K-pop boy group BTS (Bangtansonyeondan or Beyond the Scene). Though the group made their debut with "No More Dream" back in 2013, there are still quite a few people who have no idea who the members are. We've compiled a list of 7 reasons (It was difficult to come up with just 7) why you should start stanning RM. 

1. His love for Ryan (and Brown)

*conspiracy theory time: He had to abandon his love for Ryan because of the LINE collab. Honestly though, Ryan and Brown are crazy adorable so it's hard to pick one over the other. 

2. KimDaily

RM shows off his model proportions in tweets about what he's wearing that day. Check out these looks!

Bonus: there's an IG account that has a little Ryan doll dressed up in his outfits and it's the most adorable thing ever. 



Real talk, when I saw "Dimple" on the LY album I thought it was gonna be a love song about Namjoon's dimples. 

4. He always remembers to show his love for international ARMYs

During acceptance speeches, he makes sure to give a shout-out to ARMYs all over the world. As he has the best English-speaking ability in the group, he's the one who's most likely to be the one in charge of communicating with international fans (that doesn't mean the other members don't try to communicate with international fans too). If you watch his "V Lives", he'll occasionally translate what he just said into English because he's aware that sometimes the broadcast can't get translated into English. 

5. Kim ARMY

Presented without comment. 

6. The way he views life

"The Korean word for "human" (sa-ram) and "love" (sa-rang) are similar. They sound similar, too. Throughout our lives, everyone loves. Not only guys and girls, but you love your parents and you love the world. You love your friends, too. So many different types of love. You can't live without love. I think that back when the Korean language was made, "human" and "love" were intentionally made to sound similar. And the word "to live" (sa-ra). Human, love, to live. These three words are undeniably connected." 

(skip to 6:55 for beginning of quote)

7. BTS wouldn't exist without him

All fans know the story but BTS was a group that was created because of RM. Introduced by Sleepy, Bang PD saw RM rapping and thought, "I need to make a hip-hop group." Jungkook, after his "Superstar K" audition, was given multiple offers from several agencies. But he chose to come to Big Hit after seeing RM rap (their first meeting consisted of Jungkook saying, "Whoa. Thighs.")

He's a leader who honestly didn't have to choose to become a musician as he had excellent grades and it wouldn't have been difficult for him to get into one of the SKY schools. But he took this path, and with the support of his members, everyone at Big Hit, and ARMY, he's been able to embark on this incredible journey. 

What do you love about RM? Tell us in the comments below!

(If you think I won't make a "7 Reasons Why" post for each member, you have no idea how little self-control I have. Why be an akgae fan when you can be an OT7 stan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ) 

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