[Writer's Choice] Artist Spotlight: TheEastLight

Priscilla Tov, Jan. 3, 2018, 5:31 p.m.

Are you a fan of CNBLUE, FT ISLAND, and DAY6? Are you looking for another Korean band to follow? Then check out TheEastLight, one of the youngest Korean bands on the scene right now! 

This 6-member group from Media Line Entertainment boasts talents that one would expect to find in a veteran group. They made their debut in 2016 with "Holla" but the members were already quite familiar with the entertainment industry prior to their debut with appearances on shows like "Superstar K3", "Voice Kids Korea", "Star King", Korean drama "Monstar", and film "My Boy". In 2017 they made appearances on "Produce 101 Season 2" and "I Can See Your Voice". 

When the group made their debut, their average age was about 15! The group consists of Seokchul, Eunsung, Seunghyun, Junwook, Sagang, and Woojin. The members are skilled vocalists, drummers, keyboardists, bassists, and guitarists. 

They released their first EP called "Six Senses" with the title track "I Got You."

Fans might actually know them more for their acoustic covers of popular Kpop and pop songs. 

They'll be making a comeback on January 18, 2018, with "Don't Go." Not only that, they'll be holding their first concert at YES24 Live Hall the same day their comeback album releases. 

Make sure to keep your eye on this band!

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