[Writer's Choice] Choreography Spotlight: SEVENTEEN

Jun Ko, Aug. 7, 2018, 6:05 p.m.

K-Pop holds no shortage of fantastic dancers with the amount of skill possessed as well as the amount of practice that goes into delivering a stunning performance for fans, but there's definitely one group that stands out when it comes to choreography (in addition to their music). Not only is this group amazingly in-sync, they are also the ones behind their own choreography! Definitely taking 'self-producing idols' to a new level, SEVENTEEN is definitely a group not to be missed when it comes to artful and precise choreography. 

Their in-sync performance definitely becomes all the amazing when you realize there's thirteen members in the group. Taking thirteen different individuals to create an amazingly in-sync performance is a hard feat to accomplish and yet SEVENTEEN pulls it off like it's nothing. Of course, there's an insane amount of practice that goes behind the scenes to achieve that sort of perfection. To me, the fact that SEVENTEEN is able to pull off an amazing feat and make it look easy to the audience is a true testament to their skill and practice. That's when you look you delivered an amazing performance; it's when people look at your performance and think it's easy. Ballet is an example in the meaning I want to portray; people look at ballet and it looks super effortless and graceful and anyone who looks at a ballet performance will just be focus on the final flawless product without realizing there's months and even years of hard work behind it all. 

It's also amazing that they're the ones behind their own choreography! I've seen a lot of K-Pop idols who are behind the production of their own music but I haven't seen a lot of idols that are behind their choreography as well as their own music! As stated before, SEVENTEEN definitely take the term 'self-producing idols' to a different level. Hoshi is the one that mainly works on the choreography with the choreographer with the other members giving their input when they have an idea. It's definitely interesting to see Hoshi's choreography as he takes normal occurences in life (like a streetlamp blinking) and makes them into artful choreography (the blinking streetlamp ended up being used in the choreography for S.Coups's part in 'Don't Wanna Cry'). 

Additionally, their large amount of members adds to the artfulness of their choreographies! With more members, there's a lot more that can be done in terms of positioning and performance. SEVENTEEN's amazing choreography is able to be carried out due to their large amount of numbers. One example I'd like to bring up is Parris Goebel's dance crew 'Royal Family'. There's a lot of members within the dance crew and the vast amount of members allows them to do so much as it adds performance within performance in such a masterful way. Skill, without a doubt, is a huge part of pulling off the performance flawlessly but the numbers allows the performance's layout to be first brought into fruition; in short, while skill is the main part of the performance's success, you can't forget the numbers and coordination playing a part into the artfulness of the performance as well. 

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