[Writer's Choice] Este Argentino-Coreano esta llenando panzas y robando corazones: Pablo Kim is stealing the spotlight at ‘MasterChef Latino’.

Yubania Salcedo, Jan. 26, 2018, 5:25 p.m.

Has conocido a Pablo Kim? Have you heard of Pablo Kim? This Argentinian-Korean is fulling stomachs and stealing hearts. Pablo Kim is currently participating in Telemundo’s “MasterChef Latino”, where 14 self-taught chefs must battle to bring the best dishes using the knowledge they have. Each and every individual is unique and talented however, Pablo Kim’s story is one of a kind. Let me introduce you to Pablo Kim.




Pablo Kim was born and raised in Argentina by Korean parents. It was at the age of 17 when he moved to California to pursue a degree at the University of Santa Barbara. It was also at that age that contributed to his passionate hobby: cooking. Pablo Kim truly enjoyed barbequing in Argentina with friends and eating milanesas (meat cooked with breadcrumbs and egg). It is why his specialty is Argentinian BBQ and traditional food from his Korean ancestors. Pablo is making a name for himself in the culinary world. He is a trilingual, self-taught chef that is garnering a lot of attention for his delicious plates. No solo esta llenando panzas, not only is he satisfying a person’s taste buds, but he is stealing the hearts of the millions who tune in every Sunday at 8PM/7C to Telemundo to watch “MasterChef Latino”. Pablo Kim is obtaining the most votes in a Telemundo poll that asks viewers who they believe will take the win and be crowned the “MasterChef Latino”. Este Argentino-Coreano esta conquistando corazones al presentar su platos con su humilde personalidad. This Argentinian-Korean is conquering the hearts of the viewers as he presents his dishes along with his humble personality.

What sets Pablo Kim apart from the other contestants? He migrated to the United States and had to adjust to a different culture experiencing discrimination in both Argentina and the United States. Pablo’s unique background makes him the person he is; a man of three different cultures fusing them into delicacies that connect people of all identities. As Pablo Kim states, “I speak three languages, I have three different cultural viewpoints, and I understand a lot of the thinking behind each one. As a chef, I want to be an ambassador for each one, to promote understanding and acceptance through the power of a meal. If we can gather together around the dinner table and celebrate our differences through food, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I want my cooking to be an extension of the kindness and generosity that others have shown me on the way of becoming who I am, something I want to share with all of you."


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