[Writer's Choice] Have you tried Korean pizza?

Yumi Kim , Feb. 7, 2019, 3:04 p.m.

Lately there has been an increasing trend of people announcing their love for pizza. I too am a lover of pizza. But, I lean more towards the basic toppings. I prefer the flat round of dough covered in tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, few basil leaves, and pepperoni. Although I stick to the basic pizza, there are many people that like meat lovers, hawaiian, anchovies, bbq chicken and many other toppings on their pizza. The pizza we have here however, will never compare to the pizza in South Korea. If you enjoy trying mounts of toppings anf flavors on a pizza then Korean pizza is the meal for you! 

You can honestly find a great variety of flavors in a Korean pizza restaurant. I have stumbled upon whole shrimp cheese bite pizzas, mayonnaise and sweet potatoe mixed with BBQ sauce pizzas, and the infinity of toppings go on and on. 

When I travelled to Korea I was not aware of the different toppings of pizzas. I honestly thought that they had the same toppings that we have here. I went to Pizza Hut and boy was I shocked. I consider myself a very picky eater and quite frankly, I get scared when it comes to trying out new food. I saw the menu at Pizza Hut and did not see regular toppings like meatballs and pepperoni. My friend ordered for us and we got a sweet potato mixed with BBQ chicken, mayonnaise and other ingredients. I only ate two slices. 

Honestly, it was not bad but there were so many flavors that was hard to truly enjoy the pizza. My friends on the other hand, loved the pizza and they thought it was the best pizza they've ever tasted. Even though I did not like it as much as my friends did, I am so glad that I tried it. I was happy that I was able to try an Italian dish that was made into a Korean dish. 

I think that every pizza lover must try Korean pizza! 

I have provided a few Korean pizzas with a lot of different toppings! 

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