[Writer's Choice] K-Pop Inspired Bangs You Need to Try Out This Year

Jamie Chu, June 13, 2018, 12:18 p.m.

Want to switch up your hairstyle, but don’t know what to change it to? At times like these, it’s always a good idea to look at your favorite Korean celebrities for inspiration. Here is a compiled list of K-pop star hair-spiration for you daring folks willing to chop off your long mane for some cute bangs!

1. See-Through

When you think of Korean-style bangs, this is the first thing that usually pops up in your head. This see-through hairstyle instantly adds an air of innocence and effortless elegance to your frame. The key to getting this look is to only cut a small portion of the front few hairs, and then barely trim the sides.

2. C-Curved

Although this probably wasn’t what Kyungri intended, her unique curved bangs were a signature part of her look at one time. But as time went on and Kyungri’s bangs grew out, the C-curved trend spread among male idols. Now, this kind of asymmetrical look is a staple hairstyle amongst young male celebs! Who would’ve thought?

3. Light & Wispy

IU’s youthful charm was perfectly highlighted by the long baby hairs that framed her face in HIGH4’s ‘Cherry Blossom’ music video. This cute, tousled look can be pulled off when your bangs grow out a little -- simply pull your hair into a loose up-do, then carefully pull out a few baby hairs and some of your bangs!

4. Straight & Separated

This is basically a B-version of the see-through bang look, but for those who want a little more hair covering their foreheads. Hani of EXID is a perfectly model of this look, always sporting a blunt-cut and straight, strategically spaced-out bangs that frame her face in the most flattering manner!

5. Above-Brow

For those who are a little more daring and edgy, go for the above-brow cut like former f(x) member Sulli! This short, blunt cut is both innocent and punk-rock at the same time, which is awesome because that means you can style it with a flowy, floral dress and an all-black ensemble! If you can muster up the courage to try this look, you are definitely winning the game.

Which style of bangs will you try out?

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