[Writer's Choice] Korean celebrities who look extra hot in blonde hair

Sarah Lee, June 13, 2018, 2:11 p.m.

Blonde hair can be rather tricky. The outcomes of dying your hair brunette or black are relatively easier to picture. Blonde, on the other hand, is hard to picture until you... actually dye your hair. For this reason, we sometimes see celebrities who dye their hair blonde, but look awkward.

However, certainly, there are those lucky few who pull off blonde hair perfectly. Here are the five celebrities who conquered the blonde hair mission!

1. Tae Yeon

Going blonde was a perfect match for Tae-Yeon’s styling. The blonde hair adds to her a mysterious and girlish image. On top of her heavenly voice, her silky blonde hair makes the Girls’ Generation leader look like an angel.

2. Tae-min

SHINEE’s forever mak-nae Tae-min is an all-around player; he is an awesome singer, dancer, model… Looking magnificent in blonde hair is just one of the many qualities Tae-min owns.

3. Jung So-min

Jung So-Min showed that blonde hair isn’t exclusive for idols on stage. In the above Instagram photo, Jung So-Min shows off her beauty in blonde hair, which creates a hippy aura for the actress. And her cuteness level as a blondie? 100.

4. Yook Sung-jae

BTOB member Yook Sung-Jae surprised many fans by going blonde and looking more handsome than ever! Most of the time, Sung-Jae has had black hair due to his roles in dramas. In this photo, however, Sung-Jae poses with the peace sign like a mischievous boy-next-door in his shiny blonde hair.

5. Choa

Choa is probably the K-pop idol who has had blonde hair for the longest duration of time. The reason for sticking with her blonde hair is simple: Choa looks beautiful AND stands out in short, blonde hair. Hence, her nickname is “blonde goddess” - which completely makes sense.

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