[Writer's Choice] Korean Idols and groups' notable collaborations

Samantha Diaz, April 16, 2018, 3:17 p.m.

There have been some notable collabs for Korean groups and artists. Many idols work with popular/well-liked artists from overseas. It is always anticipated for international fans to hear their favorite K-Pop group or rapper/singer to sing with an artist from their country. Here are some groups/artists and their collaborations.

DEAN & Eric Bellinger- “I’m Not Sorry”

G-Dragon & Missy Elliot- “Coup D’etat”

PSY & Snoop Dogg- “Hangover”

BTS & Desiigner & Steve Aoki- “MIC Drop”

Super Junior & Leslie Grace- “Lo Siento”

Crayon Pop & CD9- “Get Dumb”

RM & Wale- “Change”

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