[Writer's Choice] Korean styled LA Food Trucks

Samantha Diaz, March 30, 2018, 5:21 p.m.

Food makes anyone happy. But have you ever had food from a truck? Yup, a truck! Food trucks roam the Los Angeles area like loose puppies. At almost every block, there is a food truck. What’s cool about them is that they combine traditional dishes from different countries to create delicious meals. Major outdoor events will have food trucks come and serve the crowd during the lunch rush hours. Sometimes the trucks park themselves in front of businesses so people grab a quick bite from them for their lunch. It is a staple of the LA culture.

Usually the food trucks get inspired by food from a certain country and they change it up by putting their own style on it. Korean food are popular amongst creative food truck entrepreneurs. The kimchi and bulgogi dishes are delicious and can be added to anything. Here is a list of food trucks to keep an eye out when you are in the Los Angeles area. As for the menu...you are just going to have to find out for yourself.

Kogi BBQ

TWITTER/IG: @kogibbq

Rice Balls of Fire

TWITTER/IG: @RiceBallsOfFire

Let’s Bowl It



TWITTER: @kimbobrex

Seoul Sausage Company

TWITTER: @SeoulSausage

Chef Kang’s Food Truck

TWITTER: @khangchef

Slanging Corea  

TWITTER/IG: @slangingcorea

Backpackers Truck

IG: @backpackerstruck

Yuna’s Bob

TWITTER: @bob_yuna

IG: @yunas_bob

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