KPOP songs that could have been fine without a “rap” part.

Yumi Kim , Feb. 7, 2020, 4:32 p.m.

K-pop songs are extremely catchy with their electro beats and super energetic tunes. We usually have multiple attracting voices accentuating the songs, but in the midst of all the good stuff we sometimes find ourselves being shifted from a good chorus to a misplaced ‘rap’ line. I’m using the word misplaced because sometimes the song is so good that it doesn’t need a ‘rap’ verse. There are times when the ‘rap’ part throws off the song because it just doesn’t click or I just don’t get a feel to it. I know that the ‘rap’ lines are there so the rappers of the group can have a part in the song but sometimes it’s not necessary. For those songs that could be fine without the ‘rap’ segment, the rappers can just sing. There have been many times that the rappers have blown me away with their singing abilities. For instance, Infinite’s Dongwoo during “Back.” I feel that sometimes they randomly throw the ‘rap’ parts in there because everybody produces the song that way. However, just because many do so doesn’t mean it’s fundamental to the song. A good song will carry itself with or without the ‘rap’ part. As I stand with my opinion, I decided to create a list of Kpop songs that could have been just fine without the ‘rap’ part.

Check out my list down below and let me know what you think!

Side note: This is just my opinion as a Kpop fan, est. 2008


KARD - Hola Hola

Punch X Chanyeol - Stay with me

Super Junior - No Other

TWICE - Likey

SISTAR - Alone

Wonder Girls - Nobody

I.O.I - Very very very


TWICE - Signal

GOT7 - Look

Big Bang - Let’s not fall in love

BTS - Butterfly 

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