[Writer's Choice] My TOP 10 favorite G-Dragon songs!

Yumi Kim , Oct. 30, 2019, 3:32 p.m.

G-Dragon is one of my favorite artists in the music industry. His music speaks so much volumes to me; evoking certain feelings without even fully understanding. I guess language can be transcending. How can he move someone without even making much effort? He literally expresses himself through his music and it's so amazing how he does it. He is very versatile with his ability to transform himself into the soft and deep lyrical self with "Window" or go super swag and lit as in "Crayon" and "One of a Kind." His on stage presence is undeniably huge with elaborate moves and facial expressions. He's definitely on a different level than others who are topping the charts.

As hard as it is for me to even list my top 10 favorite GD songs, I managed to do it. It wasn't easy and I feel bad because I left out so many good songs but in the end I did it. 

Here's my list in no particular order. Additionally, if you are a fan of GD let me know what song/s are your favorite! I enjoy listening to people's likings of music especially if they like the same artist. :) 



1 Year Station 

A Boy 

Untitled 2014 

She's Gone 



Who You? 


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