[Writer's Choice] My Top 10 Favorite K-dramas!

Yubania Salcedo, April 4, 2019, 12:31 p.m.

I got into K-dramas when I was 15 years old. I began my journey into the new world with none other than.......... 'Boys Over Flowers'. What started off as a mere curiosity became an infatuation of K-dramas. I was your typical soap-opera gal with the love for cheesy and romantic dramas. I grew up watching telenovelas especially the school-related and young-love ones. I was a major fanatic of Mexican telenovela 'Rebelde', and when I stumbled upon 'Boys Over Flowers' I felt as if I was that 11 year old running home from school to turn on canal 34 [Channel 34] for my daily consumption of the fiery-passionate love of Diego & Roberta. 'Boys Over Flowers' was the first K-drama I watched and I loved every bit of it with the exception of a few scenes. Once I finished BOF I began watching one after the other. I have seen 100+ K-dramas over the years. Since I've seen quite a handful of K-dramas I feel that I should name my top 10 favorite K-dramas. 

Dramas listed in NO particular order. I honestly wouldn't be able to choose one drama as my ultimate favorite. 

1. Boys Over Flowers - I feel that many people started with this drama. It is honestly a great drama to start with because it has all components of a good K-drama. It makes you laugh with the dumb funny scenes of Go Jun Pyo and cry with the sad scenes of Ji Hoo. 

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2. Oh Dal Ja's Spring - How did I come across this drama? It began when I watched 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' and I fell in LOVE with Lee Min Ki. After seeing that he died in the most horrendous way, getting hit by a big truck, I needed to find a drama where he was the lead role and so I got to 'Oh Dal Ja's Spring'. He was so quirky and fun to watch in 'Oh Dal Ja's Spring', and the main lead character Oh Dal Ja was funny and charming. The drama was different in an appealing way because it centralized on the life of a much older woman and a guy 6 years younger (Lee Min Ki's role). Although you had the difference in age, there was a balance in drama.  


3. Stars Falling From The Sky - This was one of the first dramas I watched and I LOVED it. I enjoyed how the love of a child and family can soften a man's cold-icy heart. The male lead role was mean yet caring. He sort of reminded me of the Grinch that had a small heart but once he let people in his heart he showed his true love for others especially the children in the drama. The love triangle between the two brothers and lead girl was a bit annoying but it's something viewers could overlook. The children in the drama and the "young uncle" will have you laughing. 

4. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - This is the epitome of a rom-com. Shin Min Ah plays the role of a nine-tailed gumiho that eats males liver..... Not really, but she is highly accused of that. Lee Seung Gi falls hard for the innocent and beautiful gumiho. It has suspense, thrill, comedy, and romance in one. The leads have an intense chemistry which truly helps the drama be one of my top favorites. 

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5. It's Okay, That's Love - GOSH, I have to give it to the writers for bringing such an original and fresh story. I get tired of watching cliche loops and scenes but this drama has so much storytelling and in-depth struggles of individuals that makes it seem so realistic. I loved how it portrayed the realities that surrounds childhood traumas. It was funny at times and very mature. The actors really played their roles which made it much more believable. This drama evoked so many emotions in me that I had to put it in my top 10. 

6. Oh My Ghostess - I read many reviews online stating that they disliked this drama but I couldn't disagree more. I thought it was a unique story line with a ghost possessing a woman's body until they make a deal. I really enjoyed this drama because I LOVED the funny cooks and the cute aegyo of Na Bong-sun especially when she would say "chef" super cute and the chef would fall for it. SIDENOTE: I actually do this to my Korean-Mexican boyfriend and he thinks it's cute. lol He doesn't know where I got it from. HA. 

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7. Kill Me, Heal Me - This drama was very entertaining because it presented the hardships of living with a disorder. The main lead role has Dissociative Identity Disorder and multiple identities come into play throughout his day. Ji Sung's ability to portray so many different personalities is astonishing. My favorite character was the bada** Shin Se gi because he was daring and quite the rebel but the way that he loved Oh Ri Jin was so touching. 


8. She Was Pretty - This drama gave me so many feels. I didn't know who I liked better -- Kim Shin Hyuk or Ji Sung Joon. I feel like Kim Shin Hyuk waited to long to confess his feelings for Hye Jin. He should have done it sooner and things might have turned out differently for him. OMG maybe that's who I deep down rooted for! :o Nonetheless, he was the most hilarious character in the drama. I love his scenes and how goofy he was. 


9. Wild Romance - This was one of my early dramas and I always remember certain scenes because it was just that funny. I do think that the introduction of a new character into the end was unnecessary and there were a few flaws in the story line, however, I enjoyed the drama for its comical substance. I think that's what carried viewers. The contrast of the the leads made it so funny to watch and like. 

10. Lucky Romance - This K-drama has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of the time I visited Korea. I finished the drama a week before I left to Korea. When I was touring the country I decided to tour Hongik University and I kept walking I ended up outside the university in a neighborhood. I walked towards an Alley with stairs and I screamed because I instantly recognized the place. I was at the location of Shim Bo Nui's house. I was so excited because I had just finished the drama and I accidentally ended on a filming location of the series. Moving on, this drama was one of my favorite's because it had me dying of laughter. It had a unique storyline too which I enjoyed. I thought Shim Bo Nui's character was funny and Ryu Jun Yeol was a complete dear, I loved him as Je Soo Ho. 

Honorable Mentions: 

- Cunning Single Lady 

- Master's Sun 

- Secret Garden 

- Can You Hear My Heart? 

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