[Writer's Choice] NETFLIX’s Arthdal Chronicles

Sarah Lee, July 12, 2019, 12:28 p.m.

NETFLIX’s Arthdal Chronicles is the next drama you should watch! I'm not a fan of historical dramas but this one is on a different level with amazing cinematography. It's much better than expected. I enjoyed watching the ancient things they display such as the tribal clothing, and the setting. The ancient things are fresh in the eyes and it fits well with the intriguing story. Also, let's not forget the languages, Korean and an ancient language is a definite plus!

The whole production is very artistic, every scene is picturesque. Fabulous storyline, each actor portray their characters so well, skilfully directed and excellently executed. I'm still speechless after watching this drama, every scene keeps you on edge and you find yourself totally immersed and becoming very attached to the characters. I can't stop thinking about how the story will unfold and the characters will develop..The writers are genius because you have to pay attention to every scene and lines.                      

A must watch drama!~ 

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