[Writer's Choice] Produce 101 Season 2 Trainees, Where Are They Now?

Samantha Diaz, Oct. 20, 2017, 1:40 p.m.

We all know who Wanna One is. The 11 member group was formed under the survival show “Produce 101” and consists of: Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Sungwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi, and Lai Kuan Lin.

But what about the trainees who didn’t make the cut? Where are they now?

Choi Min Ki, Kang Dong Ko, and Kim Jong Hyun will be promoting in their group NU’EST with a comeback later this year without Minhyun who is already promoting in Wanna One. NU’EST will make a comeback with Aron, making the group only 4 members. At the moment, they are called NU'EST W, with the "W" standing for "wait" as they are waiting for Minhyun to return. They made their comeback on October 10.

Joo Wontak, Kim Sungri, Lee Kiwon, Jang Daehyun, Hong Eunki, Byun Hyunmin, and Seo Sunghyuk made their debut as Rainz on October 12. On September 14th, the group officially made an account for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A fan café was open and a reality show was started to promote the former trainees as a group. Their group colors were revealed to be Lilac Breeze and Aqua Sky.

Noh Taehyun, Takada Kenta, Kim Sanggyun, Kim Yongguk, Kwon Hyunbin, Kim Taedong, and Kim Donghan were formed in a new group called JBJ (Just Be Joyful in English or real desirable group in Korean) which made their debut on October 18 with "Fantasy." 

YG Entertainment will be releasing a new survival show called MIXNINE on October 29th. Yoon Yong Bin and Choi Ta Woong will be participating as contestants amongst 400 other trainees.

Kim Dong Hyun and Lim Young Min are debuting as a unit called MXM or Brand New Boys. The duo appeared on a Japanese variety show called “Travel Report.” On September 6th, the duo debuted with an MV for “I’m the One” and a mini album containing 6 tracks. They also signed an endorsement deal with ‘Tony Moly’.

Jin Long Guo (aka Kim Youngguk) and Kim Sihyun made their debut as a duo called Youngguk & Sihyun. They made their debut on July 31st. Their first mini album was called “the.the.the.” and released a music video with the same name. Their debut stage on Show Champion was on August 2nd.

Joo Haknyeon from Cre.Ker Entertainment will be debuting under the company’s newly formed group, The Boyz, sometime this year.

Yoo Hwe Seung was added to N.FLYING as the 5th member, making him the main vocalist and maknae of the group. Their second mini album “The Real” was released on August 2nd. The MV featured a cameo by fellow P101 trainee, Jang Moonbok.

Woo Jinyoung, Park Woo Dam, Cho Yong Geun, and Jeong Won Cheol will debut in HF Next Boys or also known as HNB. On June 26th, the group released a fan song “I’m Your Light”. Woo Jin Young and Park Woo Dam held a “Happy Talk Show” concert for fans on September 23rd.

Lee Woo Jin returned to his group The East Light. The group released their music video for “I Got You” on July 26th to accompany their album “Six Senses.”

Kim Tae Woo will continue in his group Rion Five.

Son Dong Myung returned to his group MAS (formerly known as MAS 0094).

Kim Nam Hyung and Jung Dong Soo debuted on August 3rd as a duo called AA with an album with two tracks, “Flex” and “Diamond”.  The two were formerly part of a group called “Off Road.”

Kim Chanyul and San Cheong (aka Choi Hadon) returned to their group JJCC (Jackie Chan Joins Cultures). In August, they had a U.S. tour that included stops in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey.

Samuel Arredondo Kim went solo after failing to make it into the Top 11 and debuted with a mini album called “Sixteen” on July 31st.

Jung Se Woon made his debut in August 31st with a mini album called “Ever!” after failing to make it into the Top 11. He even self-produced the track called “Don’t Misunderstand” and the title track “Just U” features Sik-K. His album reached peaked at #2 on Korean music charts. Fellow trainee Lee Gwang Hyun featured on the track “Oh! My Angel.”

Kim Yong Jin announced that he had been diagnosed with glaucoma which was heartbreaking news to fans as he had excitedly announced his plans to release a solo album prior to the diagnosis.

Kim Tae Min, who had to leave the show because of twisted intestines that left him in the hospital for 3 weeks, will now be promoting as an actor.

Lee Yoo Jin replaced Onew for the JTBC drama “Age of Youth 2.”

Jo Sung Wook will now be focusing on his acting career instead of becoming an idol. He became the first eliminated P101 trainee to sign an advertising deal.

Park Sung Woo will be focusing on acting with his role in the web drama series “The Omniscient Viewpoint on Crushes”

Lee Eui Woong returned to the show “Hello Counselor” as a guest MC on August 28th after appearing last year.

As for the rest of the trainees, they are either continuing their training, staying out of the media, or preparing to WOW their fans soon.

Whatever the case may be, Produce 101 showcased a lot of talented guys. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

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