[Writer's Choice] Randall Park & Ali Wong's new Netflix film 'Always Be My Maybe'

Yumi Kim, July 2, 2019, 12:17 p.m.

Netflix's latest release, 'Always Be My Maybe', featuring Randall Park and Ali Wong is a must-see film! 

Initially I thought the film would be a frivolous rom-com but it is far from that. The movie is hardly idealistic and it is lovely to see the protagonists face difficulties even after they come together. Nothing about their romance is perfect or easy, which is why the movie is fun. The chemistry between the two evolves during the movie, as it should, and it stays far from modern day cliches and stereotypes. 

The movie did a fantastic job of depicting Asians in an American upbringing (avoiding the usual nerdy stereotype tropes), all the while retaining the nuanced cultural aspects of growing up in an Asian family household. Keanu Reeves's cameo proved to be more than just a cameo and actually served as a great turning point in the movie. Optimistic that it's a great step in the right direction to providing more Asian representation to Hollywood.

Along with that, there is depth in every character and all the actors fit their part making it engaging and worth a watch!

'Always Be My Maybe' exceeded my expectations. It is politically correct and rids us of sappy, stereotypical love stories, giving us something with deeper emotions.

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