[Writer's Choice] Ready to 'Feel Special' with TWICE?

Jun Ko, Sept. 16, 2019, 5:59 p.m.

TWICE's comeback 'Feel Special' is less than a day away! They first announced their comeback for 'Feel Special' back on September 9th, 12AM KST, pairing the official comeback announcement with an individual teaser of Nayeon. From there, TWICE steadily released a series of individual teasers of all the members, one of which caused an uproar amongst fans as Momo went without bangs for the first time since her debut. It led to Momo trending worldwide on Twitter, even beating out Apple during their event. 

With TWICE slowly changing gears in concepts, fans are applauding their comeback as the transition from their cute concept to a mature one felt like a natural progression to things. Fans have commented positively that the transition doesn't feel forced in any matter and how they still kept their sound despite the change in concepts. However, fans are still up in the air on their exact concept as TWICE has provided three different concepts in their teaser images, the first being elegant, the second being chic, and the third being classy. 

With TWICE providing their fans ample amounts of content with teaser photos and videos, they're more than ready for them to make their official comeback. TWICE is set to make their comeback on September 23rd at 6PM KST. Are you excited to listen to their comeback track soon?

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