[Writer's Choice] Sexy K-pop Dances

Yumi Kim, March 13, 2019, 12:15 p.m.

K-pop choreographies go hand in hand with the song. Choreography truly matters because it accentuates the vocals of the song. It is essential to a song because it pulls the viewers in since you get more of a feel to something when a group or solo artist is doing some kind of movement, and we all know body language is very important. It's all in the hip thrusts, spins, and freestyling that lets us embrace the musical arrangements more. K-pop has a lot of different choreographies, from extremely difficult to cute and easy. But regardless the mode, all dances allow the idols to show their potential and talents. Sexy KPOP dances adds an additional appeal to viewers. 

I have compiled some of the sexiest choreographies! Check them out and let me know which sexy choreo is your favorite? 

Hyolyn - Dally 

Jessi - Down 

Chungha - Gotta Go 

Gain - Paradise Lost 

Taemin - Move 

Sunmi - Gashina 

Hyuna - How's This 


EXO - The Eve 

Jennie - Solo 

A Pink - Eung Eung 

B.A.P - Body & Soul

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