[Writer's Choice] STAN: Chungha

Yumi Kim , March 13, 2019, 5:32 p.m.

Kim Chungha was born in South Korea before she moved to Dallas, Texas for several years then eventually returned to South Korea to pursue a career as a singer. She was a former JYP Entertainment trainee before joining her current agency M&H Entertainment. She later joined survival show 'Produce 101' where she placed fourth place and debuted with the project group I.O.I. After the group finished their contract, Chungha was ready to debut. The singer officially debuted in June 2017 with "Why Don't You Know". She's featured in many songs with various different artists and has sung OSTs for K-dramas. Chungha eventually made another return in January 2018 with popular hit "Rollercoaster" and garnered numerous fans globally. After in July she dropped a single titled "Love U" and also joined the project group 'Station Young', consisting of Red Velvet's Seulgi, (G)I-DLE's Soyeon, and Gfriend's SinB. On January 2019, Chungha swept the music charts and our hearts with sensational hit "Gotta Go". The singer received multiple wins in music programs for the catchy tune. 

What I love about Chungha is that she's a group in ONE person. She's the complete package with visuals, vocals, and amazing dancing skills. She also reminds me of Sunmi with her strength and confidence. I first heard of Chungha when she released "Rollercoaster" and I was so swooned by her. It was refreshing to see such talents on a young solo artist who didn't have others to rely on for exposure and popularity. I understand that she was a contestant of 'Produce 101' and ranked #4 but she could have easily been buried with the many talents out there. I feel it's a bit harder for soloists to compete in the Kpop industry because they have all the pressure on themselves whereas, in groups you can become more popular because there are more chances of people liking one of the members and so forth. I give her major props for making a comeback after I.O.I. and doing so by herself because she has enough potential, individuality, and talent to soar to the top as she's doing. 

Chungha - Rollercoaster 

Chungha - Gotta Go

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