[Writer's Choice] Artist Highlight: LOONA

Jun Ko, Feb. 14, 2019, 9:03 p.m.

Looking for a new female K-Pop group to get into? I strongly recommend giving LOONA a shot! A lot of people have been stating "STAN LOONA' and while the constant repetition might put you off, you should definitely give them a listen because it'll be worth it. 

A brief intro to LOONA: they made their official debut on August 7th, 2017 with their EP '++'. But their name was known long before their debut! They first made their appearance in the Korean music industry back on October 2016. They made a rather interesting debut as all the members were introduced one by one through a pre-debut project! With their Korean name meaning 'Girl of the Month', each member were to be introduced a month with their own solo track.The entire process ended up taking a total of 18 months (October 2016 to March 2018), which caused some months to have doubles and some to have none.

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HEEJIN >> Color: Bright Pink ; Animal: Rabbit

HYUNJIN >> Color: Yellow ; Animal: Cat

HASEUL >> Color: Green ; Animal: White Bird

YEOJIN >> Color: Orange ; Animal: Frog

VIVI >> Color: Light Pink ; Animal: Deer

KIM LIP >> Color: Red ; Animal: Owl

JINSOUL >> Color: Royal Blue ; Animal: Blue Betta

CHOERRY >> Color: Cherry ; Animal: Fruit Bat ; Fruit: Cherry 

YVES >> Color: Burgundy ; Animal: Swan ; Fruit: Apple

CHUU >> Color: Peach ; Animal: Penguin ; Fruit: Strawberry 

GO WON >> Color: Eden Green ; Animal: Butterfly ; Fruit: Pineapple

OLIVIA HYE >> Color: Silver ; Animal: Wolf ; Fruit: Blood Plum


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