[Writer’s Choice] Telenovelas vs. K-dramas

Yubania Salcedo , Nov. 22, 2017, 1:50 p.m.

I’m Mexican-American and quite the Korean culture enthusiast so I’m exposed to both Korean dramas and telenovelas. I grew up watching telenovelas. As I got older I was introduced to “Boys Over Flowers” by a friend. That is where it all began for me. I soon began binge-watching Korean dramas. I’ve seen over 200 of them and the same can be said for telenovelas. It is why I will be discussing differences among both.

  1. LENGTH:

Telenovelas last around a year since they consist around 200 episodes. ‘Rebelde’ was 440 episodes. K-dramas usually last for 3 months since they are around 24 episodes or less. ‘Surplus Princess’ was 10 episodes.

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Some Latin actors seem to overact and exaggerate…While some K-dramas underact.

3. PLOT:

Most novelas end up being about Boy A ending up with Girl B along with the rags to riches story line. K-dramas have unique stories like Coffee Prince that dips into homosexual themes while still presenting a light-hearted love story.


Novelas are known to show A LOT of love making scenes by many roles! K-dramas rarely show bed scenes but if they do they keep it PG and let your imagination do its job.


The music in novelas aren’t as popular as the music used in K-dramas. Mexican novelas for the most part are known for the extremely cheesy music especially for villains. Songs in K-dramas range from k-pop songs to ballads. The songs are really important to the dramas.


Novelas always have a good ending with the guy and girl getting married. K-dramas sometimes have confusing, sad, and or plain horrible endings.

But despite everything, one thing for sure about Telenovelas and K-dramas is that we cannot live without them! As they keep us entertained and struggling while waiting for the next episode.

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