[Writer's Choice] Things America needs to adopt from Korea

Jaewon Jung, Nov. 1, 2017, 12:20 p.m.

America has a certain way of living that most of us are used to the same thing every day, never wondering if there are better ways of doing things. However, I've given some thought about it and realized that some things are done better in other countries, like Korea. Things that can be useful and quite beneficial in the U.S. 

1. Black box

How many times have there been accidents where it becomes one person's words against another and there is no substantial evidence to determine who's at fault? Wouldn't it be easier if cameras were just a given?

Some car models in the U.S. already have a black box installed but it's not standard requirement in all cars in the U.S. yet. A black box is important in case of an accident or crash that helps investigators and other authorities to determine what really happened.

2. Keyless number pads

Wouldn't it be nice to have less heavy key on your keychain?

What if we had digital door locks? No need for a key and it's safer. Nearly all Korean apartments (which is the standard accommodation for those residing in cities) have a digital lock and it just requires a simple four-digit code to unlock. It's especially useful when you have your hands full of groceries and don't have another hand to spare to reach into your pocket for keys. 

3. Separate Waste

In Korea, they throw out food waste, recyclables, and regular trash separately.

This is the law and not complying to separate waste comes with penalties. This significantly helps reduce waste and promotes a healthier environment.

South Korea has some of the strictest guidelines for trash disposable whereas America's guidelines are set forth by the city. Also, very few cities have guidelines and regulations close to those in South Korea. In a world that's slowly being consumed by the trash we produce, it might be time to start thinking smart about our trash. 

4. Nationwide public transportation

America is a huge country.

But wouldn't it be nice to be able to go place to place without driving, at least in each state?

Korea's public transportation system is listed as one of the best in the world and yet America is known as a "gotta have a car" country. There have always been plans to put high-speed rails but the high-cost is something that constituents aren't willing to pay for. 

5) Delivery for basically anything

The biggest delivery item in America is pizza.

However, in Korea, you can get nearly anything delivered.

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