[Writer's Choice] Things You Probably Heard As A KPOP Fan!

Sarah Lee, June 13, 2018, 11:15 a.m.

As we all know, the Hallyu Wave is rapidly dominating the world...and our wallets. Going global means global fans. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you’ve probably heard these top 5 things as a non-Korean KPOP fan. So without further a do, let’s go into the list!

1. This one is my absolute favorite *sarcasm* and was frequently asked: How do you understand it when you don’t even know Korean?

My response:  How do you understand your life if you can’t even get yourself together? ← The savagery LOL.

Kidding...sort of? Music is universal, plus it’s the technology era where you can easily Google the translations for the songs. Exposing yourself to a new language where you grow interest in allows you to feed your curiosity for your new found love. As a non-Korean KPOP fan myself, I took the extra step and took Korean classes at my university and am now fluent in the language. You will be surprised how far you can get yourself with just one tiny bit of exposure to something new. So never be afraid to explore!

2. Those guys look so feminine! 

This is one that not only do I hear pretty often, but I’ve also heard accounts of my fellow KPOP fans hearing this often too. It’s simple, different culture, different styles. Plus it can be the current concept of the group depending what’s in style in Korea. Of course, the concept changes throughout the years of the idols’ career. If anything, I look forward to seeing the transformations of our favorite idols over the years! 

3. Wow, what a Koreaboo! 

For those of you who don’t know what a Koreaboo is, it’s usually a non-Korean KPOP fan who is obsessed with the Korean culture that they denounce their own identity/nationality and proclaim themselves as Korean. Honestly, this is like the a demeaning term towards true KPOP fans. Throwing away your identity because of an obsession is like throwing your parents away. Always accept who you are. I really hate hearing someone call me a Koreaboo and judge me the moment they hear me say I listen to KPOP. First off, I still accept my background because that’s who I am. However, I do add in Korean to my lifestyle because I’ve learned so much about the culture and language that I've naturally picked it up into my everyday life. I know many people can relate to this. If you are a true KPOP fan, please learn and respect their language and culture and remember your roots. Don’t throw it away because of an obsession.

4. They all look the same! How can you tell them apart?

I admit, there were times where I could not tell the members apart. Remember the Warrior Era that B.A.P had? 

Well eventually, you pick up who’s who. When I first got into B.A.P, I couldn’t tell them apart, up until Bang Yongguk blew me away with this deep voice and his charisma. I thought that was a challenge until my good friend Jennifer introduced me to EXO.

5. OMG who is this? They’re cute. Can I hear/see more?

Now this is actually my favorite thing to hear. On the outside, I’m like, “yeah, sure.” But on the inside, I’m like: WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE~! Not that the KPOP world is the darkside, but we all know and have experienced that once you go in, you’re pretty much never going to leave. Whether it’s a new music video or a new K-Drama releasing soon, there will somehow be a way for you to stay hooked and riding the Hallyu Wave.

On a serious note, never be afraid to explore new things. I remember being afraid to tell people that I’m a KPOP fan because a majority of people in my area didn’t know what KPOP was, so I didn’t want to seem like the oddball out.

Growing up, somehow fitting in with the “crowd” becomes a must instead of focusing on your own individuality. When I moved to LA for university, I met more and more KPOP fans and started to become comfortable and embraced my inner fangirl. If it wasn’t for my friend Tina, I probably would have not been exposed to KPOP and come as far as I am now because of my interest. I still remember my first reaction to Big Bang and wanting to tell her to stop talking about some guy named T.O.P and how cute he was. Now, I’m exposing my nieces and nephews to KPOP and they love it! So to sum it all up, never be afraid to embrace your individuality. Love who you are.


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