[Writer's Choice] Tour of South Korea: Andong

Samantha Diaz, March 23, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

Many people hold the desire to get away from their routine lives. It is probably one of the main reasons for travel. Getting in touch with another culture allows people to accept a lifestyle different to their own. They get to learn something new and discover the histories and stories they never knew existed. On this 'Tour of South Korea', get to know the city of Andong. It provides a variety of places that will make for a modest travelling experience. 

Andong holds many traditional and cultural that is worth visiting. According to visitors, the food of Andong is extremely delicious and the locals are very friendly. Even Queen Elizabeth II had visited the city at one point. The distance from Andong to Seoul is only a few hours and the distance from Andong to Busan and Daegu is only an hour. Visiting Andong will definitely leave a lasting impression. 

Andong Folk Village

The Folk Village is a great place to start the immersion into Korean culture in Andong. Tradition can be felt in the older-style Korean houses that are topped on hills. The folk village atmosphere can be felt with the two jangseungs (Korean totem poles) that are at the entrance of an outdoor museum. Lee Yuk Sa, a renowned poet, has his poem 'Gwagya' carved into a monument. 


This is the largest rock-carved Buddha in all of South Korea. With Buddha's entire body carved into the rock, it is as tall as a multi-story building. The style of the design hails from the Koryeo Dynasty. It is a wonderment to see.

Byeongsan Seongowon

This was one of the most prestigious Confucian Academies around. It was discovered by a few Confucian scholars who admired Seongnyong Yu’s philosophy. In the Joseon dynasty, students and scholars did not have to pay taxes or any other financial payments. Byeongsan Mountain can be seen across the Nakdong-gang River. It allows for people to feel like they're in a different world with the beauty of the area. 

Bongjeongsa Temple

Being the biggest temple in Andong, it makes people feel like they've been transported back in time with the number of traditional buildings. The temple was built during the Silla Kingdom. Geuknakjeon is known to be Korea’s oldest wooden building on the temple grounds. With the nearby Daeungjon that was designed in the Joseon Dynasty, visitors are able to compare the different dynasty architectures. Visitors are able to visit the temple as it is open all year with free admission; tour guides are also available in order to better view the temple. 

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