[Writer's Choice] What's New! Top 28 Upcoming Video Games to Look Out For: Part 1

Jay Yim, Nov. 14, 2019, 4:45 p.m.

Hello guys, welcome to back my multi-part 'What's New' series. Yesterday, I talked about some upcoming cars to look out for in the future, but now, I'm gonna talk to you video game lovers!

Hey there video game lovers! The year is almost over, but that doesn't mean more new games for you to play before the year is over, but no need to count out the year 2020. For now though, let's focus on the games coming out this year.

Doing my research, I found a lot of amazing games coming our way, so without further or do, let's dive into the list!

28) Game: Tokyo Ghoul: re [CALL to EXIST] 

System: PlayStaytion 4, Microsoft Windows

Release Date: November 15, 2019

I don't really know anything about Tokyo Ghoul because I'm a Naruto fan :), but if you're a fan of the series, then this game is something for you to look out for. But you don't have to wait long because this baby is being released tomorrow on store shelves, and online of course. The game is a survival action. Check out the trailer for the game down below.

27) Game: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

System: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: November 15, 2019

For all you Star Wars fans out there, this will be a game to definitely get your hands on, but don't worry about waiting too long, as the game's release date is... tomorrow! The game will be a single-player, action-adventure only game. This means that you can't play with friends, but who needs 'em anyway! Just kidding, of course you should play with friends, but since it is a single-player game only, looks like you'll have to take turns. If you want to look into details of the game, then check out the wiki page here. Afterwards, check out the trailer below!

26) Game: Shenmue III

System: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Release Date: November 19, 2019

If you know the Shenmue series, which I unfortunately do not >_<, then this game is definitely a grab. I won't go into detail about the game, but it is an action-adventure single-player, so again, no playing together with friends. The story follows the direct events of Shenmue II, in teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki's quest to find his father's killer in 1980's China. If you want the full details, check out the wiki page here, and watch the trailer for the game down below.

25) Game: Everspace Stellar Edition

System: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: December 3, 2019

I honestly do not know anything about the game, but if you are a fan of the Everspace games, then pick this one up once it hits the shelves! Check out the trailer for both the Switch and PS4 down below!

24) Game: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

System: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: December 3, 2019

Neverwinter Nights is a third-person role-playing format. The Nintendo Switch version will preserve many of the game's defining multiplayer features. If you are a fan of the original game, then pick up a copy for yourself. For more information, click here, and watch the trailer for it down below.

23) Game: Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection

System: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: December 6, 2019

If you're a fan of Assassin's Creed, then this special Nintendo Switch dual collection edition of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue will be an interesting buy for you. The game will include all the original DLC, including the Aveline and Freedom Cry DLCs. The game will also utilize the Switch's HD Rumble, touchscreen controls, an optimized HUD and motion aiming capabilities. Check out the trailer below!

22) Game: Blacksad: Under the Skin

System: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Release Date: December 10, 2019

While researching, I found some interesting facts about this game. The game was supposed to be released on September 26, 2019, but was delayed to November 5, 2019 for increased polish in the final product. But the game once again got delayed to November 14, but, due to a technical error, the game was mistakenly released in Europe digitally, so players in Europe got to play ahead of the rest of the world, although the game was buggy and not playable (it was fixed later). But now, it seems the game is coming out, according to GameStop and BestBuy, December 10, 2019. However, oddly, according to Target, you can preorder the game but for Jan 31, 2020. So many dates I don't know what's going on. Nonetheless, look out for this game! Watch the trailer down below!

21) Game: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield/Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack

System: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: November 15, 2019

You're probably wondering why this is at the bottom of the list, instead of relevantly at the top due to its release date. But, I saved this one for last because it's the one I am most excited for. Yes, I may be a 24-year-old man, but you can't make me hide my inner child when it comes to things like Pokemon. I'm sure most of us grew up watching and/or playing Pokemon, so you can't blame me for being excited about a brand new Pokemon game. Although there was a recent Pokemon game for the Switch that came out, it was technically not a new game, as it was sort of a remake of the original Yellow version of the original GameBoy Color system. If you are in the same boat as me, and already pre-ordered a copy, or got the double pack, then you only need to wait less than a day. If you didn't pre-order for whatever reason, then you should wake up early and wait in line! Check out the trailer below!

That's it for part 1 of this list, check out part 2 tomorrow!

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