X1’s Controversy Has Become an Obstacle for Brands and Sponsoring

BanSeok Shin, Aug. 22, 2019, 5:36 p.m.

The latest project group from the ‘Produce’ idol survival show series is running into more problems due to its controversy. ‘Produce X 101’ by group, X1 is finding it difficult to find sponsors and brand partners for advertising after a voting controversy surrounding the show has made news headlines. The controversy has caused many brands to pause and reconsider whether or not they want to advertise with X1. Many Korean media outlets have reported that discussions on such matters are currently paused, as companies await the results of the investigation into the controversy.

X1 is scheduled to release their first mini-album ‘Quantum Leap’ on August 27th at 6 PM (KST). Do you think that companies are being overly cautious? How do you think this will affect X1?

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