Yang Hyun Suk a addresses avoiding Sechskies Sung Hoon's controversies

BanSeok Shin, Oct. 30, 2018, 10:55 a.m.

YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk has finally addressed why he had been avoiding talking about Sechskies Kang Sung Hoon's controversies.

In a 'FROM YG' letter he explains that as the group was preparing for a concert in Korea earlier this month, he didn't want to add 'negative pressure' to the members. Now that the concert is over, however, he plans to speak with Sung Hoon about these controversies. You can read the letter in detail below.

 “YG has signed with 3 artists that established their positions outside of YG, and they are “PSY”, “EPIK HIGH”, and “SECHSKIES”. PSY and EPIK HIGH have worked with YG for the past 7~8 years, and we’ve created good memories and products together. Now they are walking their own paths, since their contract terms have ended. Now the only team recruited from outside that remains is SECHSKIES, but they are going through chaotic times due to an unexpected event that happened recently. I’ve been avoiding talking to the members regarding the subject since it may be burdensome for them with concert schedules coming up, but now that the schedules are settled, I plan to discuss the group’s new project, which is currently on halt, along with future countermeasures. I’ve mentioned my personal desire of producing EUN JIWON’s solo project in addition to SECHSKIES’ new project through my social media account, and the project is currently being recorded. I’m sorry that I can’t share more details since we’re only at the staring point at the moment, but I hope this news will ease the minds of the fans who were worried and confused”.

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