Yang Hyun Suk Back on Social Media After New Club Controversy - Gets Blasted By Netizens

BanSeok Shin, March 7, 2019, 11:44 a.m.

Despite the emergence of the newest night club scandal that directly involves him, Yang Hyun Suk has remerged on social media. Earlier today, March 7th (KST), Yang Hyun Suk showed support for Song Baek Kyoung of 1TYM (1st generation YG group), who announced, Wednesday, his next step in life - to become a professional voice actor. However, netizens blasted Yang Hyun Suk with criticisms and negative comments calling for him to give an explanation for the new night club controversy that points to Yang owning 70% of Seoul based Love Signal (formally known as Club X). The club supposedly is 30% owned by his brother Yang Min Suk, suspected of tax evasion and, in the past, was promoted by Seungri as the club owner. YG Entertainment stated that the agency is not currently able to discuss the issue.

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