Yang Hyun Suk shares that BIGBANG will return with all 5 members

Jessica Lee, Jan. 2, 2018, 11:11 a.m.

Many VIPs were teary-eyed at the final Big Bang concert before a military service hiatus. GD and Taeyang will be the first to enlist this year with Daesung and Seungri expected to enlist in the latter half of 2018. YG shared a video on Instagram as he thanked the concert staff.

"Today was the last concert day. It's true that all five members have done well, but I believe that the BIGBANG of today was made through the collective effort of all the staff here. Two or three years from now, BIGBANG will start again. I believe they will last forever."

Yang Hyun Suk shared an image from the concert that included T.O.P.'s image projection at the concert. He used the lyrics of "Last Dance" as hashtags: "I will sing this song as I return to you" and "If I could see the beautiful you again."

He shared that the most touching part of the concert was T.O.P.'s appearance, including hashtags like "See you again BIGBANG" and "BIGBANG consists of 5 members."

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