Year 7 Class 1 Makes Their Comeback with “Always” MV

No1uKnow, May 27, 2014, 11:11 a.m.

Girl group Year 7 Class 1 has released a new music video for their song called “Always.”

This new girl group who debuted earlier this year with “Oppa Virus” has now released a goofy music video features individuals of the Year 7 Class 1 members with assigned role in their class: president, vice-president, entertainment head, bread shuttle, etc.

Watch the “Always” music video below!

The group’s classroom concept was a controversy earlier this year, specifically because one of the members’ roles is the ‘bread shuttle' a slang term used to refer to one who is bullied into running errands such as buying food or cigarettes for older or stronger students. 

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