Yedang Entertainment and Sony Form Strategic Partnership

luvsmiling, Nov. 6, 2014, 11:49 a.m.

Yedang Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Korea have entered into an agreement to help artists including Yedang Entertainment's C-CLOWN and EXID advance into the international market. Sony Music Korea's rep stated on the 6th, "We recently signed a label contract with Yedang Entertainment regarding the digital and physical distribution of music and overseas management."

The agency's CEO Jung Kyu Ho added, "C-CLOWN and EXID are groups to watch out for with their unique music color as well as their outstanding talent and visuals, and the members are the front-runners of K-pop's next generation with their various charms so this contract was established."

Through this strategic alliance, the agencies expect the synergy effect of Yedang's management system and music-production resources and Sony Music's global network to help artists advance into the international market. Sony Music will also serve as the distributor for Yedang Entertainment's music repertoire.

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