Yenny Visits Africa to Help Protect Endangered Wildlife from Poachers

Maximiliano VCHK, March 12, 2014, 10:56 a.m.

Wonder Girls' Yenny flew to Africa in order to help out in the fight against poaching, for KBS 1TV's "Real Experience, Embrace the World" show.

Following a 20-hour flight to Botswana, Yenny started her campaign in the center of the capital, Gaborone.  She then visited the surrounding areas such as the Okavango Delta to get some real working experience in the fight to protect the local wildlife from being hunted into extinction.  In order to help the cause, she actively volunteered as a rescue worker during her stay.

The production team noted that Yenny also hopped aboard a light airplane to personally visit the wild animals in the area in order to learn and see more of the Okavango wildlife.  Though on stage her image has always been the "show-off", the production team also stated that Yenny was very polite and easygoing during the entire journey.

Yenny's Africa episode from "Real Experience, Embrace the World" will be airing on March 12th, at 10:50 Korean Standard Time.

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