Yeo Jin Goo Admits He’s Dissatisfied With His Acting Skills to “ELLE”

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Aug. 21, 2015, 12:06 p.m.

Fangirls should prepare themselves before checking out some of these pictures, as they are sure to feel light headed as Yeo Jin Goo shows off his boyish charms and handsome features for “ELLE Korea”! Yeo Jin Goo was interviewed and asked questions about his upcoming movie “The Long Way Home”, where he gave fans an in-depth look at himself.


He said, "Young Gwang, the character I play, seems to reflect my personality the most out of all the roles I've previously played. The character's age and personality are similar to mine, so I was able to act the way that I felt. Most people see me as a serious and upright person but you'll be surprised when you see this movie."


Yeo Jin Goo stated that he was comfortable with the character he played, but he was unhappy with his own acting abilities as he said, "I'm not yet satisfied with my acting. One day, I want to be completely satisfied with my acting. Then there'll be one production where I can proudly recommend to my fans."
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